Eben-Ezer Adventist Community Service (EBACS)

EBACS is a Christian organization dedicated to the service of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to serve everyone in the community with a special focus on the disadvantaged, poor, hungry, and otherwise needy while respecting their ethnic or cultural differences. This ministry offers a wide range of Community Services including ESL classes, computer classes, strengthening families, citizen class, food pantry, clothing distribution and much more.

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 3pm
Friday: 9am - Noon

Contact Us

Email: ebenezeracs@gmail.com
Phone: (908) 353-5527

Food Pantry: Every second and forth thursday of the month

Eben-Ezer SDA Church salutes all the Foster Grandparents in our site who freely dedicate themselves for the I'm provident of our community.

Please help us expand our church facilities to better serve the community. Please visit our Give page for more information on how to donate.